Announcement: The End of Shannyjkpop

To My Readers,

I am sorry to announce this, but at the end of January 2020, I will be ending my activities on this blog and will be closing the website.

I started this blog nine years ago as a space for me to freely express my opinions and interests in Korean and Japanese music. It was a place where I can escape from my hectic and stressful life to talk about the things that I love and mattered to me.

I know that I am not the best writer. However, I enjoyed writing about my favourite music, idols, dramas and anime, especially since I did not have many friends with similar interests to me. Doing this blog was not only a hobby but a method to help deal with my anxiety and other mental issues that I was facing in my regular life. Writing, idols, and music are the anchors that keep me grounded and help me stay afloat when I felt like I was drowning in life.

In 2011 when I created this blog, I had just graduated from secondary school. I had a lot more freedom and time to post and update the blog. Now, I am a graduate university student. My schedule is always packed with school and work. As you all realized, I have been posting a lot less. Sadly, as my tasks increased, my time to be able to write has significantly decreased.  Thus, I thought it would be best to end the blog since I am not posting as often. It is ironic since I created this blog to get a breather from my busy life, but it has unfortunately got too busy for me.

Also, my relationship with writing has become complicated. As I got older, I have become more critical of my writing. This blog was meant to be casual, but I became my biggest critique. Nothing I wrote was ever good enough for me. Even when I finally posted something, I was never satisfied with it. The hobby that was supposed to be a method of escape turned into another source of anxiety and distress. As I got more readers, this anxiety and high self-expectations increased, which also contributed to me posting less. On the other hand, when I did not post for a while, I became equally anxious and felt like I was neglecting my blog and readers. As I said, it was a complicated mess.

I have come to a point where I am being more honest with myself. I admit that I have been struggling with my mental health to the point where my favourite activity became a burden. I made the decision to end Shannyjkpop due to these personal and time-restricting issues. It breaks my heart, and it took a lot of deliberation. Closing this blog, I feel like I am losing part of me, but I think it is the best decision I could make at this point. My love for JPOP and KPOP has not and will not waver. I will still be active online on my Twitter account. You can follow me at @shannyjkpop. I also may occasionally upload videos to my Dailymotion account, which will also be cross-posted on my Twitter account.

I apologize again for this announcement. I thank my readers that stuck with me over these nine years. Thank you for all of your support. I am sorry if I have disappointed you. I hope I can find the love, confidence and time to write once again and share my interests with everyone once more. Thank you once again.





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