My Hello Pro Kenshuusei Ranking (May 2019)

It has been a while since my last Kenshuusei ranking. I have a sneaking suspicion that a couple of Kenshuusei will debut this week with the Morning Musume ’19 15th generation announcement. I wanted to share my current Kenshuusei favourites before that happens. Check out the video below to see where current Hello Pro Kenshuusei… Continue Reading

[TOP 50] Up-Front Songs (2019)

Here is the very overdue list of my top fifty Up-Front songs. I was supposed to release this list since last year, but it got delayed. I made the following video in January and posted it on my Twitter account, but I kept forgetting to post it here as well. My apologies to my readers… Continue Reading

Mood Playlist: Sorrow

When I am experiencing a particular emotion, I listen to a specific type of music. When I am sad, I tend to listen to ballads and more emotional songs. Sometimes, this makes me feel better immediately. On the other hand, they may make me wallow in my sadness more, but I tend to bounce right… Continue Reading