Mood Playlist: Happiness

Last time, I shared a playlist of my favourite songs that I listen to when I am sad. This time, I am sharing a list of my favourite songs that make me happy! Check out the YouTube playlist below. Occasionally, I will add new songs, so keep on the lookout! Last time, I shared a… Continue Reading

Rookie Watch (Part 6)

Recently, I revived my “Rookie Watch” feature by talking about some new groups, like ITZY, IZ*ONE, ONEUS and (G)I-DLE. Originally, that post was supposed to be much longer, but I decided to divide it into two separate posts so it would be easier to read. Without further ado, here is Part 6 of the “Rookie… Continue Reading

Rookie Watch (PART 5)

It has been a hot minute since my last rookie watch. To be honest, I have not been keeping up with these rookie groups. There have been so many debuts in the past few years, and I have only gotten busier as time goes by. Also, it takes a lot to grab my attention and… Continue Reading