30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 30)

Day 30: Why do you like Hello! Project? There is so much I love about this organization. I can say that I am a true Hello Project fan. I support these girls no matter what. I don’t only support Morning Musume or Berryz Koubou but I support every girl and every group. I even support… Continue Reading

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 29)

Day 29: Your favorite Morning Musume Leader? Takahashi Ai is and will always be my favorite Momusu leader. Not only because she’s my absolute favorite member (Ok, it’s mostly because of that) but she has a lot of charisma, she is fun, she is a talented singer and actress and she had a great relationship… Continue Reading

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 28)

Day 28: Idol the brings to you special memories of something or somebody? Kanon reminds me of myself sometimes. She tries her best to improve herself and be the best she can be. That reminds me of when I set the goal of being the best I can be in obtaining my goals.

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 27)

Day 27: Idol that you have a special place in your heart for? Although she is no longer a part of neither Morning Musume nor Hello Project I will always love Ai-chan for her bubbly personality, beauty and talented performing and acting skills!

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 26)

Day 26: Idol with the best personality? Ever since the 9th Generation auditions I have loved Zukki. She has an energetic smile and an optimistic personality. These types of people tend to draw me in. She lives out her youthful days and a sad expression is quite rare with her. I hope she continues smiling… Continue Reading

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 25)

Day 25: Past group you miss the most? I’m not quite sure if they are considered a past group since they have released no recent singles and two of their members have left H!P but I do miss the fact that they don’t release any new songs. I loved the R&B nature the group had… Continue Reading

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 24)

Day 24: Idol that is not one of your favourite but that you think is really good? Mai isn’t my favourite member. She doesn’t appeal to me as much as the other members and seems to have a constant expression on her face sometimes. But I must admit for her young age she is really… Continue Reading