Alphabet Challenge: Z

KPOP ZE:A I won’t say that I am HUGE fans of ZE:A but I do like a couple of their songs. Regarding members, I’m only familiar with names but not faces. Their current comeback “Aftermath” is a great song but didn’t impress me or encourage me to like the group more. JPOP   ZYX I… Continue Reading

Alphabet Challenge: X

KPOP X-5   I’m not HUGE fan of X-5 but I do listen to their music now and again. Who knows if they release anything in the future maybe I’ll like it. But with the current controversy with the CEO of their agency, Open World Entertainment, will they ever make a comeback? JPOP ??? I… Continue Reading

Alphabet Challenge: W

W KPOP Wonder Girls The first song I heard from this group was “Tell Me” and I have loved them ever since. Though there was a slight change in the member line up I will continue to love this group. They are talented and are already booming in America. Their English is almost better than… Continue Reading

Alphabet Challenge: V

V KPOP VOS I honestly don’t know anything about this group except the fact that they were part of the Star Empire label- the home of Nine Muses, ZE:A and Jewelry. JPOP V-u-den V-u-den, yet another group consisting of Rika not that I’m complaining. All I have to say about this group is that I… Continue Reading

Alphabet Challenge: U

U KPOP U-Kiss I love U-KISS. This shouldn’t be a surprise since they are really good and what I mean by “good”, I mean that they created a new level of awesome! They are great performers. In MR videos you could hear them singing their hearts out (and singing in tune) unlike some other unnamed… Continue Reading

Alphabet Challenge: T

T KPOP Teen Top I love this group! I love all of their songs! This group is full of different personalities and images. From C.A.P.’s “gangster” image to Chunji’s “Pretty Boy” look this group is pretty diverse. But what I love most about this group is not only their interesting dances but Niel.  I am… Continue Reading

Alphabet Challenge: S

S KPOP SNSD It’s obvious that with this letter, this would be the first group that would come to mind. I have loved SNSD for a long while now and I must admit this group is full of talented, well-breed and fun girls. My favorite member is Sooyoung, who I’m grateful to see is getting… Continue Reading