My Top 25 Female Korean Artists

I made this video earlier this year of my favourite female Korean artists, but I am now posting it to this blog. I am pretty sure my ranking has changed since then but check out the poorly edited video above! I will probably make an updated one next year.

JKPOP Age Lines (’92-Line)

It is a new year, and that means our favourite idols born in 1992 will be 26 years old (international age)! This post features some Japanese and Korean icons that will be getting closer to that 30-year milestone!

Featured artists of the week!

Featured artistes of the week!   Amber   Name: Amber Josephine Liu Birth date: 18/09/1992 Origin: California, USA Group: f(x) Position: Rapper, Sub-Vocalist The most underrated member of f(x). Apart from the rap segments in their songs Amber doesn’t get many lines or attention. However, she is still my favorite member. She dances well and… Continue Reading