Man Crush Mondays: Junhyung

Name: Yong Jun-Hyung Birth Date: December 19, 1989 Age: 27 Origin: Seoul, South Korea Group: Highlight Position: Main Rapper Entertainment Company: Around Us Entertainment Notable Songs: “Flower”, “Wonder If” and “Living Without You” Junhyung is the main rapper of male-group, Highlight (formerly Beast/B2ST). He has written and produced many songs for the group. He has… Continue Reading

Top 15 Favourite Collaborations

15. Crystal Kay x Amuro Namie “Revolution” This song was released not too long ago. I have admired Namie, the Queen of J-POP, for a number of years now, but I recently started gaining interest in Crystal Kay and her music. These two Japanese superstars joined forces to create an inspirational dance track. The song… Continue Reading