Hello Project Idols as Anime Characters

My love for Hello Project goes far. I am always thinking about them. In one of my more random thoughts I wondered which Hello Project members would make good anime characters. It is a cross of my two loves: JPOP and anime. After much deliberation, I have created a short list of Hello Project members… Continue Reading

My Favourite Anime Series

This post is not really music related, but it is a topic I have wanted to talk about for a while. Not only am I a fan of Asian music, I also really love watching anime! What I love about anime the most is its wide variety. Just like music, there are many genres of… Continue Reading

Top Anime Songs (Part 1)

I’m an avid anime fan but I’m even more of a Japanese music fan so the opening and closing themes used to appeal to me more than the anime sometimes. Here are some of my favorite songs from my favorite anime: