Man Crush Mondays: Gong Yoo

Name: Gong Ji Cheol Birth Date: July 10, 1979 Age: 37 Origin: Busan, South Korea Entertainment Company: Management SOOP Notable Show(s): “Train to Busan”, “School 4”, “Coffee Prince”, “Goblin” and “Big”

Coffee Prince Final Review

After three years, I have finally finished this drama. It was a long and arduous road, but I have finally completed it. This is the longest I have ever taken to finish a drama, but I am glad that I stuck through it. The plot was very clichéd and although there were some romantic and… Continue Reading

Coffee Prince Drama Review

After more than two years or so I am still struggling to finish this drama. There are some interesting scenes in each episode but the plot and script does not compel me enough to make me want to watch the show. I am currently on episode 13. In this episode Eun Chan and Han Gyul… Continue Reading

Drama Review (Week 1)

Author’s Note: I was supposed to upload this months ago but it slipped my mind! I’m sorry! But I’m almost finished with most of these dramas. I will post an updated review soon! To The Beautiful You I’m almost completed with the series and I must say that the Korean version of ‘Hana Kimi’ is… Continue Reading