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Man Crush Mondays: Gong Yoo

Name: Gong Ji Cheol

Birth Date: July 10, 1979

Age: 37

Origin: Busan, South Korea

Entertainment Company: Management SOOP

Notable Show(s): “Train to Busan”, “School 4”, “Coffee Prince”, “Goblin” and “Big”

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Coffee Prince Final Review

After three years, I have finally finished this drama. It was a long and arduous road, but I have finally completed it. This is the longest I have ever taken to finish a drama, but I am glad that I stuck through it.

The plot was very clichéd and although there were some romantic and interesting parts and characters, it was not enough to allure me. It was too predictable and wearisome to watch. Read the rest of this entry

Coffee Prince Drama Review

After more than two years or so I am still struggling to finish this drama. There are some interesting scenes in each episode but the plot and script does not compel me enough to make me want to watch the show.

I am currently on episode 13. In this episode Eun Chan and Han Gyul are both faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Han Gyul is to leave for America soon. He can either leave Eun Chan behind for six months, stay in South Korea with her or Eun Chan can leave everything including her family behind and venture off to America with her true love.

Although I find this situation awfully cliché this is one of the only things that is inducing me to watch the show. I am not sure if it is because I am currently facing a similar problem or the fact that I find the relationship between these two characters to be the realest and cutest thing ever! The frequent surprise kisses and affection that Han Gyul gives to Eun Chan are not often seen in Korean dramas. This affection makes the relationship seem even more realistic and somehow touches the hopeless romantic within me. I just love to see the shy and enthusiastic reaction Eun Chan gives in response to Han Gyul. Although she is faced with a lot of mature situations and problems you can see there is still a child within her.

In one of sub-plot stories, Yoo Joo and Han Sung are still going through estrangement. I am not sure why but this couple completely irritates me. They are the stark opposite to Eun Chan and Han Gyul. They have both cheated on each other and they both continue to fight throughout the show. Their relationship continues to plummet and it seems like Yoo Joo’s only role in the show is to continually argue and make decisions that I do not understand. One day they are fighting and the other day they are completely immersed into each other. Couples like this annoy me. Hopefully, as the drama progresses things will work out between them and my irritation will subside.

Min Yeop is finally gaining some common sense to forget and stand up to Eun Chan’s sister (whose name I can never remember). She used him and took advantage of his feelings for her benefit. I felt very sorry for him, especially since he is one of my favorite characters. It was time for him to get a brain of his own.

Speaking of favorite characters, my ultimate favorite in this show is Sun Ki. Sun Ki makes the most sense in this drama in my opinion. He may be mean-spirited at times, but he has a sensible side to him that shares logical advice to Eun Chan and to the other staff members at Coffee Prince. He also has a secret of his own that is implied throughout the show with brief scenes of a woman and a child. I am really curious about this and I cannot wait to see what his is his relation with this woman and child.

Slowly but surely I am finishing this drama. I have five more episodes and I am determined to finish it under all costs. I am curious what the end will be like. I hope is worth it.

Drama Review (Week 1)

Author’s Note: I was supposed to upload this months ago but it slipped my mind! I’m sorry! But I’m almost finished with most of these dramas. I will post an updated review soon!

To The Beautiful You

I’m almost completed with the series and I must say that the Korean version of ‘Hana Kimi’ is definitely the better one. Not only are my favorite artists such as Minho from SHINee and Sulli from f(x) are present, there is such a great unification of characters and personalities well portrayed to make this a good drama. Although, the plot varies quite differently from the original I still enjoy it and anticipate the ending.



Can We Get Married?

Can We Get Married- Ep. 3

This drama is different than the usual ones I usually watch. It depicts real-life situations in an authentic way.  Each episode has a climax but seems more realistic than invented. I love this drama because of this. Each episode has me hooked but I cannot compel myself to watch more than two episodes a day not only because of my busy schedule but also because I am not quite used to these ‘Slice of life’ dramas as yet. I have watched three episodes so far and I am excited to see what else is in store.

So far as characters are concerned I have a great dislike for the mother and much hope for the main couple. I am sorry, I am still learning names.


Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince- Ep. 9

I have been dragging over this drama for over a year now and I am only on episode nine! Initially, I found this drama plain and monotonous but as the episode progressed my interest has been peaked, but only slightly. It is interesting to see love peak between two individuals, especially when one does not know the other is a female and begins to question his sexuality. This seems to be a common theme in Korean dramas. I cannot promise that I will finish this drama anytime soon, especially since I am being interested by much more entertaining ones, but I can try my best.

The Flower Boy Next Door

 Flower Boy Next Door- Ep. 2

The plot of this drama confuses me. I do not understand what is occurring at times and I do not understand why the characters behaves the way they do. But I figure that the story is a development and more details will be revealed each episode.

What I get so far is that the woman is Apartment 402 is a hermit and rarely leaves her house due to an ‘incident’.  The cartoonist that lives next to her possesses feelings for her while she possessed feelings for the guy in the building opposite her whom she peeps on a daily basis (not weird at all…). I am still trying to figure Eugene and Wantanbe out. However, as confusing as this drama is I still enjoy many parts of it and look forward to see what the other episodes have in store. I have currently only watched two episodes.


School 2013


Initially, this drama was confusing and boring. But as the episodes continue the storyline begins to unfold and become more interesting. I am only on episode three but I am slowly but surely becoming absorbed. It brings awareness with the tribulations faced with students in school not only in South Korea but throughout the world. Fortunately, I have not faced such problems in school (so far) but it is stimulating to see what people go through during their daily school life. You pass these people in the halls not knowing their whole story. This is another realistic drama that has compelled me.

School 2013- Ep. 4

I am elated that Jung Ho has finally met his match but I am also fearful what this new rival will do to the class president. I am very curious to see what their history with each other is. I do not have much care for the vice president. I did not like her from the start but it greatly annoyed me that she is mistreating her friend (played by Hyoyoung). Hyoyoung’s character is one of my favorite characters (Again, I apologize I am not good with names). I feel sorry for the class’ original homeroom teacher. She is so subtle and is such a pushover.  I am glad that this lessons teacher has come to put things in order.

School 2013- Ep. 4 (1)