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Woman Crush Wednesdays: Tsugunaga Momoko

Name: Tsugunaga Momoko

Birth Date: March 6, 1992

Age: 25

Origin: Chiba, Japan

Group: Country Girls

Position: Playing Manager

Entertainment Company: Up-Front Promotion

Notable Song(s): “Otomodachi Densetsu”, “Kia Ora Gracias Arigatou”, “Momochi! Yurushite Nyan Taisou”

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Up-Front…WTF?! (Country Girls Changes)

Well, Up-Front released a bomb of an announcement on Friday. Normally, I try to be positive about changes in Hello Project but I do not think I can forgive this one. Read the rest of this entry

Hello! Project Member Ranking (April/May, 2017)

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Favourite Releases: February 2017

Here are my favourite releases from February 2017: Read the rest of this entry

2017 Hello! Project Song Ranking (Part I)

I know I seem to say this every year but this year is going by so quickly! I cannot believe that April is almost finished! Hello Project acts have already released several new singles this year with some groups (ANGERME and Kobushi Factory) scheduled to make their first comeback for the year in June.

Below, I have ranked my favourite songs released by Hello Project groups this year. This list only includes songs from the main groups of Hello Project (i.e. excludes subunits and Hello Pro Kenshuusei). The list includes songs from main singles and excludes B-sides. Read the rest of this entry

What about Country Girls?

Playing Manager, Tsugunaga Momoko, will be graduating on June 30, 2017. Country Girls also lost one of its members, Inaba Manaka. This group has been shaken up but they are still resilient as ever.

With Momoko’s graduation, the leadership role will be vacant. They question left is who will be the next member to fulfil this role? Will this role be a typical leadership role or would the “playing manager” role be continued? Read the rest of this entry

[Results] 2016 Hello! Project Awards

Thank you for your patience! The results of the Hello! Project Awards have been finally released! Did your favourites win? Head on over to the awards page to see if your favourite Hello! Project idols won their respective categories. There is a video at the top of the awards page showing you all the winners of each category. You can also click on the category links, which will lead you to the post where the winner will be featured.

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My 2017 Hello! Project Wish List


At the beginning of last year, I made a wish list. This wish list consisted of things I hoped to happen in the Hello Project throughout that year. Some of the wishes that have actually been fulfilled include: Read the rest of this entry

2016 Hello! Project Awards: The Voting Period Ends TODAY!


Hi, Everyone!

This is just a reminder that the polls for the Hello! Project Awards Closes TODAY!

I will be closing the polls and the Google Form at 11:59 PM EST sharp. You will not be able to vote after the polls and form have been closed and your votes will not be included in the final result. If you have not participated as yet, please do so now before the voting period ends. If you wish to vote again, please feel free to do so before the polls and form closes!

Links to the polls can be accessed through our Awards page HERE.

Alternatively, you can vote in our Google Form as well. The form can be accessed HERE.

Thank you for all those who have participated in the 2016 Hello! Project Awards!

Wada Ayaka is the New Queen; Fukumura Mizuki is Second-in-Command


The successor of Yajima Maimi’s Hello Project Leader position was revealed during the 2016 Hello Project Countdown concert. The new leader of Hello Project is none other than ANGERME’s Wada Ayaka! Read the rest of this entry