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Throwback Tuesday (J-POP Edition)

Throwback Tuesdays are back! Every Tuesday, I share some of my favourite Japanese songs from the past! Read the rest of this entry

Dream Disbands; E-Girls Line Up Changes

Up Front is not only the only organisation that I am pissed off at.

LDH, the company that houses groups such as EXILE, Happiness, Flower, Dream and E-Girls, also had a few big announcements recently. Read the rest of this entry

Dream: Member Ranking

I speak about Hello Project and AAA a lot. However, my JPOP favourites are not limited to them. I am also a big fan of LDH groups, including Dream, Happiness, Flower and the E-Girls unit.


I have not posted much about any of these groups. As an effort to change that, I decided to rank my favourite members of each group. I will start off with the senior group, Dream. Read the rest of this entry