[Bonus] My TOP 50 English Songs (2018)

Every year, I share my ever-changing list of my “TOP 100” K-POP, J-POP, C-POP and Hello! Project songs. This year, I am doing things a bit differently. I will only be sharing my “TOP 50” K-POP, J-POP and Hello! Project songs. I will release a “TOP 100” list for C-POP songs as usual. I have… Continue Reading

Non-KPOP Concert Experiences

I will forever love and cherish my KPOP concert experiences over the past few years. I have attended a few KPOP concerts and seen some of my favourite artists, such as Jay Park, Ailee, San E, Teen Top, B.A.P, and Eric Nam. This week, I will be seeing SHINee live. I am overly excited! As… Continue Reading