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Favourite Releases: May 2017

Here are my favourite KPOP and JPOP releases from last month! Read the rest of this entry

[TOP 100] My Favourite Korean Songs (May 2017)

My first “Top 100 Korean Songs” list was released TWO YEARS ago. Time really flies. There are hundreds, maybe, thousands of Korean songs released every year. I quickly get bored of songs after listening to them for a while. In some cases, my love for certain songs is renewed when I listen to songs I have not heard for a while. This means that my favourites change from time to time. My TOP 100 list is very dynamic and is never completely the same as the previous year’s list!

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[Bonus] TOP 100 Master List

This year, I ranked my favourite Korean, Chinese, Hello Project and Japanese songs. I then created “TOP 100” and “TOP 50” lists showing my current favourite songs of each genre. As part of this “TOP 100” series, I decided to do something fun and create a “Master List”! Read the rest of this entry

[August 2016] Favourite Choreography of KPOP

I really love the music from the KPOP industry this year. There were many fire releases (no pun intended) and amazing choreography to complement these songs. Below I have listed my favourite KPOP dances from songs that were released this year. The year has not finished as yet, so I am sure there will be more dances added to the list as the year progresses. Read the rest of this entry

[TOP 100] My Favourite Korean Songs

This post is long overdue, but here it is! Last year, I compiled a list of my top 100 favourite Korean Songs. Being the dynamic person I am, my favourites tend to change a lot in small amounts of time. I get bored of songs if I listen to them repeatedly. I also get addicted to new songs quickly. Read the rest of this entry

My KPOP Biases (Part 2)

I recently made a video of SOME of my biases in the KPOP industry. I promised you all that I would make a part two, so here it is!
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2016 Favourite Comebacks: May

Here are my favourite releases from last month: Read the rest of this entry

Favourite Featured KPOP “Raps”

The format of a KPOP song has become pretty predictable and standardized throughout the years. There are the verses, chorus, and maybe a catchy dance break if it is an upbeat song. Let’s not forget the random inserted rap in almost every KPOP song. No matter the genre of music, there is guaranteed to be one of the members rapping either near the beginning or end of the song.

Since this has become such a commonality, I have decided to list some of my favourite raps in KPOP songs. The word “some” is underlined for emphasis to imply that this is not my compete list of favourites. This list is also not arranged in any particular order. Also, this list does not contain groups like “Big Bang”, “Bangtan Boys”, “Monsta X”, “B.A.P”, “2NE1” or any groups of the sort whose music contains mostly rapping. Read the rest of this entry

2016 Favourite Comebacks: January

Here are my favourite comebacks from last month! Read the rest of this entry

Shanny’s December Favourites

Here is a list of my favourite comebacks from last month: Read the rest of this entry