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Dream Disbands; E-Girls Line Up Changes

Up Front is not only the only organisation that I am pissed off at.

LDH, the company that houses groups such as EXILE, Happiness, Flower, Dream and E-Girls, also had a few big announcements recently. Read the rest of this entry

Favourite Releases: April 2017

Here are my favourite releases from April 2017: Read the rest of this entry

Flower: Member Ranking

Recently, I shared my member ranking of LDH girl group, Dream. This time, I have ranked the members of their sister group, Flower.


The list is shown below and is ordered from least favourite to most favourite: Read the rest of this entry

[Bonus] TOP 100 Master List

This year, I ranked my favourite Korean, Chinese, Hello Project and Japanese songs. I then created “TOP 100” and “TOP 50” lists showing my current favourite songs of each genre. As part of this “TOP 100” series, I decided to do something fun and create a “Master List”! Read the rest of this entry

[TOP 100] My Favourite Japanese Songs!

Earlier this year, I made a list of my current top 100 Korean and Hello Project Songs. This time, I have made a list of 100 of my favourite Japanese Songs! Read the rest of this entry

My Concert Bucket List

I admit it. I have become a concert-going junkie. I have attended FIVE concerts for the year so far, and I want MORE. Unfortunately, I do not think my bank would be able to handle that. I have seen a fair amount of KPOP artists live including, SHINee, B.A.P, Teen Top, Ailee, San E, Jay Park, and more. However, the list of artists I wish to see in concert is still pretty long.
Below I have listed KPOP and JPOP artists I wish to see in concert at some point in my life: Read the rest of this entry

Throwback Tuesday (J-POP Edition)

Every Tuesday, I will post some of my favourite Japanese songs from the past! Read the rest of this entry

My Top 10 Flower Songs


Yesterday, I posted about my top ten E-Girls songs. For those who did not know, E-girls is a Japanese girl group that contains members from several other groups including girl groups Flower, Dream and Happiness.

I also enjoy listening to songs from these other groups. Flower is actually my favourite group out of the three (or more) in E-girls. Just as I did with my “Top 10 E-girls songs” post, I will be listing my top ten songs from Flower. The list is as follows:

Read the rest of this entry

Shanny’s December Favourites

Here is a list of my favourite comebacks from last month: Read the rest of this entry

Woman Crush Wednesday: Washio Reina

Every Wednesday, an influential (and beautiful) K-POP, C-POP or J-POP female idol will be featured!  Read the rest of this entry