JKPOP Age Lines (’94-Line)

Finally, it is time to feature the idols that share the same birth year as me! These Korean and Japanese idols will be turning 24 years old (international age) this year! Also, you can check out the featured idols from previous age-line posts!

JKPOP Age Lines (’92-Line)

It is a new year, and that means our favourite idols born in 1992 will be 26 years old (international age)! This post features some Japanese and Korean icons that will be getting closer to that 30-year milestone!

Woman Crush Wednesdays: Luna

  Name: Park Sun Young Birth Date: August 12, 1993 Age: 23 Origin: Seoul, South Korea Group: f(X) Position: Lead Vocalist Entertainment Company: SM Entertainment Notable Song(s): “Free Somebody”, “Wave” & “Heartbeat”