Hello Project’s System Change

Now that I am back from my impromptu hiatus, I can finally comment on Hello Project’s system change. At this point, I would imagine that everyone knows about the change. However, I am still going to provide a brief background on the issue.

Dream Debut: Hello Pro Kenshuusei (May 2017)

Some big announcements were made at this year’s Hello Pro Kenshuusei test. Three Kenshuusei will be debuting in Hello Project soon. These Kenshuusei are Ichioka Reina, Danbara Ruru, and Kawamura Ayano. It has not been revealed whether they will be joining an existing unit or will be part of a new unit. 

Hello Pro Kenshuusei Ranking (April, 2017)

This is my updated ranking of current Hello Pro Kenshuusei. I created this list last month so it includes the members that were recently announced for debut (Reina, Ruru and Ayano) and the members that will be transferred to the Engeki Joshibu (Takase Kurumi and Momohime) Kenshuusei unit. Check out the list below and the accompanying… Continue Reading

What about Country Girls?

Playing Manager, Tsugunaga Momoko, will be graduating on June 30, 2017. Country Girls also lost one of its members, Inaba Manaka. This group has been shaken up but they are still resilient as ever. With Momoko’s graduation, the leadership role will be vacant. They question left is who will be the next member to fulfil… Continue Reading