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Favourite Releases: May 2017

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[TOP 100] My Favourite Japanese Songs!

Earlier this year, I made a list of my current top 100 Korean and Hello Project Songs. This time, I have made a list of 100 of my favourite Japanese Songs! Read the rest of this entry

Hidaka Mitsuhiro Dating Rumours

Normally, I tend not to care when dating rumours and scandals are released. There are sometimes when I am taken by surprise, such as San E’s dating confirmation, and the recently separated Hani and Junsu. However, nothing prepared me for the most recent dating rumour in the Japanese entertainment industry. Read the rest of this entry

2016 Favourite Comebacks: January

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Man Crush Monday: SKY-HI

Every Monday, an influential (and good looking) K-POP, CPOP or J-POP male idol will be featured!  Read the rest of this entry

My Top 100 Japanese Songs

After a lot of hard work, I have finally completed a list of my top 100 favourite Japanese songs! This list includes songs across several sub-genres within the Japanese music industry. These sub-genres may include pop music, visual kei, rock, hip-hop and many more. Read the rest of this entry

Shanny’s March Favourites

Here is a list of my favourite comebacks for March 2015! Read the rest of this entry

Featured artists of the week!

Featured artistes of the week!




Name: Amber Josephine Liu
Birth date: 18/09/1992
Origin: California, USA
Group: f(x)
Position: Rapper, Sub-Vocalist

The most underrated member of f(x). Apart from the rap segments in their songs Amber doesn’t get many lines or attention. However, she is still my favorite member. She dances well and she is actually a great singer. You may agree if you listen to f(x)’s song “1,2,3” from the last SMTOWN Christmas album.




Name:  Woo Ji Ho
Birth date: 19/09/92
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Group: Block B
Position:  Leader, Rapper and Composer

Who doesn’t love Zico? He’s fun, talented and raw! He could freestyle while rapping and his composing skills are proven when you listen and enjoy the Block B songs he composed. His ideas are innovative and memorable. I see a bright future for Block B. Little scandals such as the one in the interview in Thailand won’t hold back Zico or Block B from their dreams. BBCs unite!




Name: Hidaka Mitsuhiro
Birth date: 12/12/86
Origin: Chiba, Japan
Blood type: O
Group: AAA
Position:  Rapper

Initially, he was my first bias when I was introduced to AAA. I love his crazy rapping skills and those weird facial expressions he makes when performing. He looks like a fun person to be around and in my opinion AAA songs would be nothing without a rap from Hidaka. I love them even though I can’t rap that fast in Japanese!