JKPOP Age Lines (’91-Line)

NOTICE: I have decided to change this feature into a bi-weekly series. There is a lot of work and preparation that goes into these posts. I cannot possibly get it all done in one week! Thank you for your understanding! The series continues with the idols of the “91-line”!

Featured idols of the week!

SeungAh Name: Oh Semi Birth date: 13/09/88 (dd/mm/yr) Group: Rainbow, Rainbow Pixie Position: Vocalist She’s not my favorite in Rainbow but she is still an essential part of the group. Kevin Name:  Woo Sung Hyun Birth date:  25/11/1991 (dd/mm/yr) Origin: San Francisco, California Blood type: O Group: U-KISS Position:  Main Vocalist I just love Kevin!… Continue Reading

G20 2012?

Who can remember the G20 summit held in Seoul, South Korea in 2010? Now, who can remember the collection of twenty well-known and endowed K-POP talents that were placed together in one group create the theme song for the summit? This great group consisted of artists such as Min from Miss A, G.NA, IU, Sungmin… Continue Reading