[TOP 50] Up-Front Songs (2019)

Here is the very overdue list of my top fifty Up-Front songs. I was supposed to release this list since last year, but it got delayed. I made the following video in January and posted it on my Twitter account, but I kept forgetting to post it here as well. My apologies to my readers… Continue Reading

[Bonus] TOP 100 Master List

This year, I ranked my favourite Korean, Chinese, Hello Project and Japanese songs. I then created “TOP 100” and “TOP 50” lists showing my current favourite songs of each genre. As part of this “TOP 100” series, I decided to do something fun and create a “Master List”!

My Current Most Played J-POP songs

Earlier this year, I released a list of my “Top 100 Favourite Japanese Songs”. As I was going through my music player, I recognized that my most played Japanese songs did not really reflect my “Top 100” list. I came to realize that this is because there are certain songs that I listen to depending… Continue Reading

Ultimate Female Biases

Here are some of my favorite females biases of the KPOP and JPOP industry. Keyword: SOME A Pink Chorong Eunji         Bomi Spica Boa Jiwon Davichi Haeri Rainbow Woori     SNSD Sooyoung Hyoyeon T-ara Jiyeon Eunjung       Ahreum After School E-young     Nana JungAh 4minute Gayoon Hyuna  … Continue Reading