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Woman Crush Wednesdays: LE

Name: Ahn Hyo Jin

Birth Date: December 10, 1991

Age: 25

Origin: Cheonan, South Korea

Group: EXID

Position: Main Rapper

Entertainment Company: Banana Culture

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Favourite Featured KPOP “Raps”

The format of a KPOP song has become pretty predictable and standardized throughout the years. There are the verses, chorus, and maybe a catchy dance break if it is an upbeat song. Let’s not forget the random inserted rap in almost every KPOP song. No matter the genre of music, there is guaranteed to be one of the members rapping either near the beginning or end of the song.

Since this has become such a commonality, I have decided to list some of my favourite raps in KPOP songs. The word “some” is underlined for emphasis to imply that this is not my compete list of favourites. This list is also not arranged in any particular order. Also, this list does not contain groups like “Big Bang”, “Bangtan Boys”, “Monsta X”, “B.A.P”, “2NE1” or any groups of the sort whose music contains mostly rapping. Read the rest of this entry

My Favourite Idol Rappers

With popular rap survival shows, “Show Me The Money” and “Unpretty Rapstar” gaining popularity, idol rappers have become a hot topic. Idol rappers are often stigmatized because of their connections to rich and powerful entertainment agencies, their large fanbase and sometimes, their lack of skill compared to underground rappers.

These days, almost all KPOP songs feature a rap portion and are performed by idols that just talk quickly with no true potential, talent or knowledge of hip-hop, and its history. Rather than name these “fake idol rappers”, I decided to list the idol rappers that have shown true potential and talent in hip-hop and rap. Some of these idols have appeared and made their mark on rap survival shows, proving their abilities to fans worldwide and even to underground rappers that once stigmatized them. This list is my personal list, so you may agree or disagree with me. It is all my opinion. Read the rest of this entry

Featured artistes of the week!


Name: Ahn Hyo Jin
Birth date: 10/12/91 (dd/mm/yr)
Origin: Chungcheong, South Korea
Group: EXID
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer


EXID is one of my favorite KPOP rookie groups and I never noticed how talented LE is until the release of their song I Feel Good. I recently found out she was an underground rapper under the name of Elly. I’m now beginning to gain special interest in her 🙂



Name: Michishige Sayumi
Birth date: 13/07/89 (dd/mm/yr)
Origin: Yamaguchi, Japan
Group: Morning Musume
Position:  Leader


I love the charisma and cuteness this girl has! She is a good leader- not my favorite- but she is good otherwise.


Name:  Kwon Ji Yong
Birth date: 18/08/88 (dd/mm/yr)
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Group: Big Bang
Position:  Leader

I love GD for his individuality, uniqueness and great talents! He is an excellent rapper and performer. He is also one of the most fashionable idols in my opinion. I believe that he personifies greatness and is the ideal person to help make a positive impact on the Hallyu Wave and the introduction of KPOP in international waters.  His skills have been proven with the latest release of the music video One of a Kind!