[TOP 50] Up-Front Songs (2019)

Here is the very overdue list of my top fifty Up-Front songs. I was supposed to release this list since last year, but it got delayed. I made the following video in January and posted it on my Twitter account, but I kept forgetting to post it here as well. My apologies to my readers… Continue Reading

[Bonus] TOP 100 Master List

This year, I ranked my favourite Korean, Chinese, Hello Project and Japanese songs. I then created “TOP 100” and “TOP 50” lists showing my current favourite songs of each genre. As part of this “TOP 100” series, I decided to do something fun and create a “Master List”!

[TOP 100] My Favourite Hello! Project Songs

This is an updated list to last year’s “Top 100 Hello Project Songs” post. This list consists of my favourite songs from the main groups and sub-units (past and present) of Hello Project. The list does not include artists, such as Lovendor, Bitter & Sweet, and Kikkawa Yuu that are under Up-Front Create. I will… Continue Reading

Ultimate Female Biases

Here are some of my favorite females biases of the KPOP and JPOP industry. Keyword: SOME A Pink Chorong Eunji         Bomi Spica Boa Jiwon Davichi Haeri Rainbow Woori     SNSD Sooyoung Hyoyeon T-ara Jiyeon Eunjung       Ahreum After School E-young     Nana JungAh 4minute Gayoon Hyuna  … Continue Reading