My Top 25 Female Korean Artists

I made this video earlier this year of my favourite female Korean artists, but I am now posting it to this blog. I am pretty sure my ranking has changed since then but check out the poorly edited video above! I will probably make an updated one next year.

JKPOP Age Lines (’94-Line)

Finally, it is time to feature the idols that share the same birth year as me! These Korean and Japanese idols will be turning 24 years old (international age) this year! Also, you can check out the featured idols from previous age-line posts!

Minzy’s Departure from 2NE1

The KPOP world never seems to run out of controversies. There have been many rumors over the past few months about Minzy’s departure from the group, and the possible disbandment of 2NE1. Being the biased Blackjack as I am, I chose to ignore these faceless rumors. However, last week during a press conference, YG Entertainment… Continue Reading