Mitsui Aika Leaves the Entertainment Industry

There has been a lot of news floating around Hello Project this week. Today, Hello Project soloist and former Morning Musume member, Mitsui Aika announced that she will be leaving the entertainment business. She will now put her energy towards her new passion for cooking. Check out JP Room’s announcement here as well.

My 2016 Hello! Project Wish List

This year has generally been a good year for Hello Project. Of course there were some hiccups and sad moments as well. There was the official announcement of Tsunku’s “graduation” as a producer from Hello Project, the departures of Berryz Kobo, Fukuda Kanon and Shimamura Uta, and the upcoming graduation of Sayashi Riho. On a… Continue Reading

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 30)

Day 30: Why do you like Hello! Project? There is so much I love about this organization. I can say that I am a true Hello Project fan. I support these girls no matter what. I don’t only support Morning Musume or Berryz Koubou but I support every girl and every group. I even support… Continue Reading