30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 22)

Day 22: Your favorite Costume? Hello Project is known for their innovative costumes in music videos and especially in concerts. Although the question seems really random costuming is really a huge aspect of Hello Project and adds to the idea or theme the girls are trying to portray in their song or PV. This was… Continue Reading

Pyoco Pyoco Ultra! Video Review

Artist: Morning Musume This song and video were rather much disappointing. The song may be upbeat and happy but it’s too happy and childish for me. What happened to the mature songs? What about the ballads? It’s nice to take a break from bubbly music once in a while. Singing sad songs or romantic ballads… Continue Reading

Featured Artists of the Week!

Featured artistes of the week! Yubin   Name: Kim Yoobin Birth date: 4/10/88 Origin: Gwangju, South Korea Blood type: O Group: Wonder Girls Position: Main Rapper One thing this girl has is CHARISMA! She is absolutely amazing and has a charming personality. Beauty, brains and an inviting smile- these are the weapons of a girl.… Continue Reading

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 3)

Day 3: If you were a boy, who would be your girlfriend? Well, I had to put myself in a guy’s mind and do some thinking also some process of elimination. In the end, I chose Mitsui Aika to be my girlfriend. Aika has such a sweet and innocent personality. She’s friendly and constantly smiles.… Continue Reading