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[TOP 100] My Favourite Chinese Songs (2017)

Last year, I ranked 50 of my favourite Chinese songs. I have been actively searching and listening to a variety of C-POP songs. I find myself sinking deeper into the fandom. This year, I decided to take it up a notch and rank my top 100 Chinese songs. Read the rest of this entry

Favourite Releases: February 2017

Here are my favourite releases from February 2017: Read the rest of this entry

Rookie Watch (Part 4)


It has been a year since my last “Rookie Watch” post. There have been many notable debuts since then. Many of these groups have made a big impact on me, while some have yet to capture my interest. See what I have to say about some of KPOP’s newest boy and girl groups below! Read the rest of this entry

2016 Favourite Comebacks: August & September

Here is a list of some of my favourite comebacks from August & September: Read the rest of this entry