Featured idols of the week!

Hyeri Name: Lee Hye Ri Birth date: 09/06/94 (dd/mm/yr) Blood type: AB Group: Girl’s Day Position: Maknae, Lead Dancer I just find Hyeri just so beautiful and youthful. She is my second favorite member of Girl’s Day! Gongchan Name: Gong Chan Shik Birth date: 14/08/93 (dd/mm/yr) Blood type: A Group: B1A4 Position: Maknae It’s sad… Continue Reading

New Hello Pro! Eggs!!

Finally! We have some new faces in Hello Project! These two new faces hail from the 2nd generation S/mileage auditions earlier this year. Yamaga Kanae and Oda Sakura will now be receiving free dance and vocal lessons and will also be performing as backup dancers in Hello Project concerts. From what I remember Yamaga was… Continue Reading