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ºC-ute: Okai Chisato

ºC-ute is set to disband today. All five girls will graduate from Hello! Project and go their separate ways. Now, we look back on ºC-ute’s past.

Last time, Suzuki Airi was in the spotlight. This time, we will be featuring Okai Chisato.

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[WINNER] 2016 Hello! Project Awards: Favourite C-ute Member


Who is your favourite member of C-ute? Read the rest of this entry

C-ute to Disband Next Year


All good things must come to an end. Read the rest of this entry

Woman Crush Wednesday: Okai Chisato

Every Wednesday, an influential (and beautiful) K-POP, C-POP or J-POP female idol will be featured!  Read the rest of this entry

Hello Project Idols as Drama Characters

Lights! Camera! Action! 

This post is a spin-off of my earlier post about Hello Project idols as anime characters. However, this time I envisioned the girls as characters in dramas that I have watched! See the list below: Read the rest of this entry

Hello Project Idols as Anime Characters

My love for Hello Project goes far. I am always thinking about them. In one of my more random thoughts I wondered which Hello Project members would make good anime characters. It is a cross of my two loves: JPOP and anime. After much deliberation, I have created a short list of Hello Project members that can star as anime characters:


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Okai Chisato to go on hiatus


In recent announcements, C-ute’s main vocalist, Okai Chisato, will be on a temporary leave from the group. Read the rest of this entry

C-ute: 29th Single Music Video Review


C-ute will be releasing their 29th single, “Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou? / Summer Wind / Jinsei wa STEP!” on April 20, 2016.

Recently, C-ute has been pursuing a more mature sound. Their past few singles had slower-paced songs with emotional singing and relevant lyrics. Their lyrics did not always describe the tribulations of falling in love or being broken-hearted, but focused more on real-world issues such as office life, giving thanks to those around you, and the troublesome road that people take to achieve their dreams. This single is no different as the songs focus on unique themes such as war, adulthood and routine life.

Although the songs in this single are slower-paced, (and I am not a ballad-loving person) I really like this single. C-ute took these mature themes and mixed them with unique song and video concepts. The group sets themselves apart from other Hello Project groups not only by age, but through music as well. Read the rest of this entry

30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 12)

Day 12: Favourite -ute member?

I love almost all members of ℃-ute (I said almost, not all members >_>) but I my absolute favourite member is Okai Chisato.

I don’t understand why many people dislike her. Chisato has a very charming personality. She’s very charismatic and because of her great charisma personalities are diversified within the group. She reminds me a lot of 2NE1’s PRO (Public Relations Officer) and member Dara.

She’s beautiful and has such an amazing smile to match her dazzling personality. I’m definitely biased towards her. To me, she’s slightly different than the average Japanese female. Her tan skin makes her unique and I love individuality.

Many people are against Chisato’s latest gain in fame and attention. But honestly, she deserves it. From since the formation of ℃-ute Chisato has been pushed to the back and hardly received any solo lines. After four years of this treatment, she finally gets to display her true vocal talents and dancing skills as she receives lead vocals. Chissa is an exceptional singer and dancer and the whole world should know it.

I believe Chisato will always be my favourite ℃-ute member even after the unfortunate day she decides to leave Hello Project. And even after that day, I will continue to support her in any endeavour she decides to undertake.

Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no Ko Review

This song is definitely a “mind-raper”. It sticks in your head for days and every time you thought you got rid of it, it comes back again.  The name fits the song was it has a happy beat and a colorful PV.


The clothing seen in the profile pictures are not seen in the PV.

Each member wears their concert colour (i.e. the colours they wear most often in concerts) in the PV. Each of them wears dresses making them look like large dolls.

Yajima Maimi

Maimi’s colour is red.  In the official picture she wears all-white with a blouse, short pants and heels. In the PV, she wore light red dress under a red shrug and a red fedora. Her hair is simply down in both pictures but is curlier in the PV.

Nakajima Saki

In the PV, Saki wears a blue dress with a blue shrug. Her hair is styled in one and is accented with a blue bow.

Suzuki Airi

Airi’s official picture is slightly different from the others as her pants are a different color and has a design. Her shoes are also differing from the others. Airi wears a pink shrug over a light pink dress. Her hair is curly and is accented with a pink hair piece.

Okai Chisato

Even my bias of the group can pull off my least favourite colour as she too wears a green dress and matching shrug which is accented with a green cowboy hat. I’ll also like to point out the cute hairstyle she wears in the official picture which makes her burst out of the white background.

Hagiwara Mai

Like all the other members Mai wears a dress and shrug in her official colour, yellow. She also has a yellow bow to accent her outfit. In the official picture, Mai looks very cute with her little pigtails and stance.


There seemed to be two main sets for this video- one where each member is in a box full of furniture and accessories of their official colour and another is where each member is with books of their official colour.

The video

The video impressed me and came out better than expected. The use of their official colors in the video was a great idea. Their happiness was seen throughout the video and entwined greatly with the energetic energy of the members and the song. There were three main close ups. These were where the girls sat together in front of their boxes, in their boxes and laying down with books surrounding them.

The dance looked a bit strange and awkward on my part. A lot of thought was put into it with the numerous leg and arm movements but it was not enough making the dance look all too simple which didn’t challenge the girls’ true talents. I even saw that they inserted the all-famous American dance move, “The Sprinkler”.

Another aspect of the video that interested me was when the girls pushed down the books of their official colors each creating a letter to spell out the word, “HAPPY” the laying down beside it. This was a very innovative idea.


Maimi: You would think that her deep vocals wouldn’t sound good in such an upbeat song but she has proved me wrong as her deep voice made a positive contribution to the song. I wish that she could have shown her dancing skills in this video.

Saki: She looked very adorable all dressed in blue. I realised that she always gets paired with or share lines with Mai. This single was no different but she did put the “HAPPY” point across.

Airi: We all understand that Airi is an exceptional singer so her singing doesn’t have to be questioned or commented on. All I have to say is that I was less annoyed with her after this PV (LOL).

Chisato:  Chissa, my bias, of course, sang the song quite well. If she only looked happier it would have been near flawless.

Mai: Mai fulfilled her role as the youngest member and in my opinion looked the cutest. Her nasal vocals blended in well with the instrumental.

In conclusion, I really loved this upbeat song though there were minor setbacks. The line distribution was fair due to the small number of members. I look forward to seeing them perform this song and hopefully they can put the same energy seen in the video when they perform it.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆ (4 Stars)


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