The Clichés of K-POP Music

There are tons of KPOP groups and artists debuting every year, but there are only so many concepts that can be used in such a saturated industry. Unfortunately, many of these concepts are becoming increasingly overused. A lot of music and videos are beginning to look and sound the same. Only a few rare songs… Continue Reading

Top 15 Favourite Collaborations

15. Crystal Kay x Amuro Namie “Revolution” This song was released not too long ago. I have admired Namie, the Queen of J-POP, for a number of years now, but I recently started gaining interest in Crystal Kay and her music. These two Japanese superstars joined forces to create an inspirational dance track. The song… Continue Reading

Featured idols of the week!

SeungAh Name: Oh Semi Birth date: 13/09/88 (dd/mm/yr) Group: Rainbow, Rainbow Pixie Position: Vocalist She’s not my favorite in Rainbow but she is still an essential part of the group. Kevin Name:  Woo Sung Hyun Birth date:  25/11/1991 (dd/mm/yr) Origin: San Francisco, California Blood type: O Group: U-KISS Position:  Main Vocalist I just love Kevin!… Continue Reading