The members of BEYOOOONDS. How can you not love them? Ichioka Reina Shimakura Rika Nishida Shiori Eguchi Saya Takase Kurumi Maeda Kokoro Yamazaki Yuhane Okamura Minami Kiyono Momohime Hirai Miyo Kobayashi Honoka Satoyoshi Utano


Finally, we get some news about the new Hello Project groups. I felt like I would have grandkids and Morning Musume would have its 50th generation before these groups would finally get to debut. A couple of weeks ago, rumours were floating about the new Hello Project group names and concept. These rumours were proven… Continue Reading

Hello Pro Kenshuusei Ranking (May 2018)

The recent testing event changed my Hello Pro Kenshuusei rankings a bit. Check out my new rankings in the video and list below! This list includes Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido members and excludes the girls who are set to debut (Ichioka Reina, Takase Kurumi & Kiyono Momohime). You can see a video digest of this… Continue Reading