Rookie Watch (Part 4)

It has been a year since my last “Rookie Watch” post. There have been many notable debuts since then. Many of these groups have made a big impact on me, while some have yet to capture my interest. See what I have to say about some of KPOP’s newest boy and girl groups below!

Produce 101

I always say that I hate these survival competition shows and I always end up getting hooked on them. My latest obsession is MNET’s show, “Produce 101”. This show aims at creating the nation’s girl-group unit. About 101 trainees from various entertainment companies have been chosen to partake in this show. Only 11 of these… Continue Reading

“Mamma Mia” by Kara Video Review

  Everyone was excited for Kara’s comeback. It almost seemed as if Kara was at its end with the departures of Nicole and Jiyoung. Many fans even protested when DSP Media announced that they were adding a new member through a short reality series, “The Kara Project”. The winner of this series was Youngji, a… Continue Reading

The Kara Project

I was not a huge fan of Kara, but I really admired their music and their members, so I was devastated when Jiyoung and Nicole announced their leave from the group. When the agency announced that new members will be added to the group I could not help but to feel a bit apprehensive. However,… Continue Reading