Favourite Featured KPOP “Raps”

The format of a KPOP song has become pretty predictable and standardized throughout the years. There are the verses, chorus, and maybe a catchy dance break if it is an upbeat song. Let’s not forget the random inserted rap in almost every KPOP song. No matter the genre of music, there is guaranteed to be… Continue Reading

Top 15 Favourite Collaborations

15. Crystal Kay x Amuro Namie “Revolution” This song was released not too long ago. I have admired Namie, the Queen of J-POP, for a number of years now, but I recently started gaining interest in Crystal Kay and her music. These two Japanese superstars joined forces to create an inspirational dance track. The song… Continue Reading

My “Show Me The Money 4” Favourites

I love Korean Hip-Hop and I seemingly love survival competitions. When you mix the two you get “Show Me the Money”! This fourth season has been an interesting and controversial one so far. I was planning to write this post after the competition, but a lot of my favourites (P-Type, Jooheon, Ravi, One, Lil Boi… Continue Reading