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[TOP 100] My Favourite Chinese Songs (2017)

Last year, I ranked 50 of my favourite Chinese songs. I have been actively searching and listening to a variety of C-POP songs. I find myself sinking deeper into the fandom. This year, I decided to take it up a notch and rank my top 100 Chinese songs. Read the rest of this entry

[Bonus] TOP 100 Master List

This year, I ranked my favourite Korean, Chinese, Hello Project and Japanese songs. I then created “TOP 100” and “TOP 50” lists showing my current favourite songs of each genre. As part of this “TOP 100” series, I decided to do something fun and create a “Master List”! Read the rest of this entry

[TOP 50] My Favourite C-POP Songs

I have created a list of my favourite Korean, Japanese and Hello Project songs. As I get deeper into the C-POP fandom, I thought it was only appropriate to create a list of my favourite C-POP songs. Read the rest of this entry

Man Crush Monday: Wei Chen

Every Monday, an influential (and good looking) K-POP, C-POP or J-POP male idol will be featured!  Read the rest of this entry

Favourite Songs of the World

I always say that music is a universal language. You don’t have to understand it to enjoy it. I don’t fluently speak Korean or Japanese, but I still enjoy the music, television shows, entertainment and culture from these countries. I have always been interested in the different cultures around the world and the people and histories that shape these cultures. I find it so amazing that in this world there are so many different landscapes, histories and heritages. On this one planet there are so many different experiences and people!

Where I am going with this rant? All I want to say is that I enjoy things from all over the world, especially music. While JPOP and KPOP are two of my favourite “genres” of music, I do enjoy music from other parts of the world. Below is just a short list of some of my favourite songs from countries outside Japan, South Korea, and the United States of America: Read the rest of this entry