On this page you can find all the videos I made for this blog! I am not a filmmaker, so these videos are pretty amateur. All videos can be also accessed through the blog’s official Dailymotion account.

Please note that I occasionally delete videos after some time for storage and copyright reasons. The links for these deleted videos will be removed from this page.

Disclaimer’s note: The content within these videos are not my original work. All rights goes to the respective owners. These videos were made for entertainment purposes only and will not be used to create profit.



AKB48 (2013)

AAA (2014)

Buono! (2015)

Hello! Project (2015)


Crazy Kanzen na Otona – C-ute


Hello! Project Review (2014)

Hello! Project Review (2015)

Ranks & Favourites

Top 100 J-POP Songs (2015)


Berryz Kobo Mashup (2015)



General KPOP  [2014]



Fxxk U (Version 1) – Ga-in

Fxxk U (Version 2) – Ga-in

24 Hours – Sunmi

Ranks & Favourites

Top 100 K-POP Songs (2015)

KPOP Biases (Part 1)


Favourite Annual Comebacks

Favourite JKPOP Comebacks (Part 1) [2015]

Favourite JKPOP Comebacks (Part 2) [2015]

Favourite JKPOP Comebacks (Part 3) [2015]

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