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Year-End Reviews


Part 1 (January-April)

Part 2 (May-August)

Part 3 (September-December)


TOP 100 Korean Songs (2017)

K-POP Fan-made Video (Ver. 1) [2017]

K-POP Fan-made Video (Ver. 4) [2017]

Ga-in – FXXK U Parody (Ver. 1) [2013]

Ga-in – FXXK U Parody (Ver. 2) [2013]

Sunmi – 24 Hours Parody [2013]


TOP 100 Japanese Songs (2017)

AAA OPV (2014)

AKB48 OPV (2013)

Hello! Project

TOP 100 Up-Front Agency Songs (2017)

Hello! Project Members Ranking (April 2018)

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Members Ranking (April 2017)

Aikawa Maho OPV

Fukumura Mizuki OPV

ºC-ute – Crazy Kanzen na Otona Parody (2013)


TOP 100 Chinese Songs (2017)